What is Wat Chompoo....?

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

No one knows about Wat Chompoo in Chiang Mai and why we have to know it.

It is hard to believe that these temple is one of part the historic of Chiang Mai. Most people have been heard "Wat Pra Tat Doi Suthep", it is on the hill and all the tourists came to Chiang Mai has visited.

Why I talk about Wat Pra Tat Doi Suthep ?

"They are part of each other."


It built because of the difficulty to Wat Pra Tat Doi Suthep 600 years ago, no road or cars. It is hard for the people to go up there so created a twin pagoda of Doi Suthep that everyone can worship Doi Suthep temple.

In the past, Chompoo temple called "Wat Mai Pimpar" and has changed since King Karnvira I of Chiang Mai in Rattanakorin period, had fighted with Burma. The king invited the master named Chompoo monk, but he rejected to go to the city and stayed at Chompoo temple thus people call Wat Chompoo.

Chompoo temple is located on Chaing Moi Kao Road Lane 1, close to Tha Pre Gate.

If you have chance to come to Chiang Mai, I recommend to visit once.

Source: templechiangmai.blogspot.com

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